Drive With Us

Drive for SkipTheDepot

Do you have large van, truck or trailer? SkipTheDepot is looking for regional partners to help grow a recycling side Hustle. Earn cash hauling recycling to the bottle depot for us!

Apply here

Applicants operate as independent contractors and must have the following:

A phone + data plan
Ability to operate Android or iOS Apps
Own or have access to vehicle with large carrying capacity
Average level of physical strength + endurance (some bags of recycling might be heavy)

Interested? Please email us with the following:

# of Years Driving Experience
Vehicle Year / Make / Model
Trailer? (Yes / No)
Total Carrying Capacity for 1 load (Estimated # of big black bags full of recycling)
Home Address + Location (Where you would start)
Any other areas you are comfortable picking up
Availability (Days of the week)