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Own a Bottle Depot?

SkipTheDepot is pickup booking software that connects customers with bottle depots! Get access to thousands of residential, commercial, multi-family and charity pick ups! SkipTheDepot does all the heavy lifting around e-transfer payments, booking, routing and support! It comes with a free Quick Drop system and can integrate with any POR system.

Mobile Collection

Super charge your mobile collection with SkipTheDepot. Our software makes Residential, Commercial and Organization pickups easy!  We take care of Registration, Booking, Reminders, Routing, Customer Support and Recurring Pickups and you just focus on getting the volume!

Balance Labor

Walk-in traffic comes in waves. What do you do when it’s slow? Count SkipTheDepot volume! Keep everyone working and balance your labor over the entire shift. You can even extend into an after hours shift when you close the doors to the public.  Maximize the efficiency of your existing labor!

Revenue Streams

Want to put your depot to better use? Start collecting more things! We have nation wide partnerships with electronic waste, textiles, paint and tire recycling programs. Start collecting other commodities through SkipTheDepot and diversify your income.

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