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The Monterey Bottle Depot is a collection point of the deposit-refund system implemented in Calgary, Alberta Canada. As a result of the container-deposit legislation, under 1L beverage containers are valued at 10 cents and over 1L containers at 25 cents. The average “black garbage” bag of bottles & cans is worth around 7 dollars.

In order to get your deposit refund you must take them back to a bottle depot. The process involves loading them up into your truck (or friends truck), driving over to the depot and waiting in line for them to sort and count. Typical times can range between 30 minutes and 3 hours (from door-to-door).

If you’re looking to save some time and effort we would advise using SkipTheDepot. This app takes your bottles & cans to the depot and e-Transfers you the money. You can keep it or even donate it to a charity of your choice.

SkipTheDepot Dont Want To Go To The Bottle Depot

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4.5 Stars - Based on 6 User Reviews

Customer Reviews

  • frances einan Avatarfrances einan

    Monterey Bottle Depot is the most cleanest bottle depot I have seen. Also, with the most accurate bottle counting and the monitor facing the customer. Well organize. - 4/07/2018 

    Joey Grier AvatarJoey Grier

    Awesome bottle place, they give you more than the expected amount. - 6/02/2018 

  • Dark gaming J block street AvatarDark gaming J block street

    The place is very clean that's why I like going there. I got ripped off big time today, lost about $50. We always pre count the bottles. We asked the old guy that counted the bottles if he's sure they... read more - 5/01/2018 

    Shuren Ouma AvatarShuren Ouma

    Nice place with nice staff. I've been coming here for a while now abd it's a lot more convenient for me. Regardless if the opposite were true I'd still come here. It's made a good impression me and 1s... read more - 1/04/2019 

  • Andrew La Rose AvatarAndrew La Rose

    Nice and clean, and includes a sink for washing up and hand sanitizer. My favorite bottle-return depot in Calgary so far - 9/17/2018 

    khalid Ibsa Avatarkhalid Ibsa

    Very Clean and organized. A cleaning station for your hands that’s well maintained. Would reccomend - 8/27/2018 

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