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The Saddleridge Bottle Depot is a collection point of the deposit-refund system implemented in Calgary, Alberta Canada. As a result of the container-deposit legislation, under 1L beverage containers are valued at 10 cents and over 1L containers at 25 cents. The average “black garbage” bag of bottles & cans is worth around 7 dollars.

In order to get your deposit refund you must take them back to a bottle depot. The process involves loading them up into your truck (or friends truck), driving over to the depot and waiting in line for them to sort and count. Typical times can range between 30 minutes and 3 hours (from door-to-door).

If you’re looking to save some time and effort we would advise using SkipTheDepot. This app takes your bottles & cans to the depot and e-Transfers you the money. You can keep it or even donate it to a charity of your choice.

SkipTheDepot Dont Want To Go To The Bottle Depot

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4.7 Stars - Based on 6 User Reviews

Customer Reviews

  • Asmit Poudel AvatarAsmit Poudel

    Very nice,

    Honest and hard working workers.

    There is seperate place to tip the workers in the money machine.

    I recomend this place. - 4/13/2019 

    Dapinder Singh AvatarDapinder Singh

    Really nice and efficient staff. The place is really clean and the staff is always cheerful. I prefer this location because of almost negligible wait times. - 1/26/2019 

  • Marvin M. AvatarMarvin M.

    I got ripped off, some of the staff there should learn to count better. - 2/09/2019 

    Navin Kooner AvatarNavin Kooner

    Fast service, honest workers, and a clean facility. This is what makes this bottle depot the best. I like the computer system they use as I have been to other depots who use pen and paper to mark down... read more - 1/30/2019 

  • Tim G AvatarTim G

    I tipped my worker $5 for her amazing service and friendliness, but she put it in the community tip jar since it’s company policy. I don’t like this so much and probably won’t tip again since it’s alm... read more - 11/18/2018 

    Chris Marshall AvatarChris Marshall

    Came in just to drop off my bottles, then washed my hands, then left the depot, normal day. 20kms later, I noticed I left my ring when I was washing in their very clean wash basin, I knew for sure my ... read more - 1/21/2019 

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