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The Walden Bottle Depot is a collection point of the deposit-refund system implemented in Calgary, Alberta Canada. As a result of the container-deposit legislation, under 1L beverage containers are valued at 10 cents and over 1L containers at 25 cents. The average “black garbage” bag of bottles & cans is worth around 7 dollars.

In order to get your deposit refund you must take them back to a bottle depot. The process involves loading them up into your truck (or friends truck), driving over to the depot and waiting in line for them to sort and count. Typical times can range between 30 minutes and 3 hours (from door-to-door).

If you’re looking to save some time and effort we would advise using SkipTheDepot. This app takes your bottles & cans to the depot and e-Transfers you the money. You can keep it or even donate it to a charity of your choice.

SkipTheDepot Dont Want To Go To The Bottle Depot

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4.2 Stars - Based on 10 User Reviews

Customer Reviews

  • Stephanie Woolsey AvatarStephanie Woolsey

    Went to the Walden bottle depot today, was super clean and the staff very friendly. The count was pretty darned accurate and return good 🙂 will definitely be back. - 12/07/2018 

    the pammers Avatarthe pammers

    Efficient staff, quick returns, but don't expect a smile or a hello. Been there a handful of times and staff are not a friendly bunch but they do the job. - 12/29/2018 

  • Brandt Tracey AvatarBrandt Tracey

    Best bottle depot I’ve been to. Fast, friendly, clean and efficient. Was in and out on a Saturday afternoon in 10 minutes. - 4/13/2019 

    Steve Gordon AvatarSteve Gordon

    The staff is not bad they are always welcoming, conversation is kept to a bare minimum, the counter staff i get it but it is almost as if it is a bit of chore to give away money earned. its convenient... read more - 3/24/2019 

  • Stacie Zbrodoff AvatarStacie Zbrodoff

    We were there with a HUGE return today, and the staff is super friendly and helpful. The facility is clean and bright. Very happy that this depot is so close by! - 10/17/2018 

    Amanda Ausmus AvatarAmanda Ausmus

    I really like the staff here, they take pride in the business and facility which is always clean. I hate going into a dirty bottle depot. They always have suckers for my kids and are very efficient so... read more - 5/11/2019 

  • J P AvatarJ P

    Not really friendly staffs, no greetings, no smile, they look angry or irritated. Really slow moving, no sense of urgency. Receipt dispensing machine is put way up high and customers has to reach ove... read more - 4/24/2019 

    Owen Byskal AvatarOwen Byskal

    Clean location and accurate bottle counts. Only minor complaint is that it seems to be a little slow at times. They have 5 or 6 counting tables, but I rarely see more than 2 operating. Otherwise a gre... read more - 4/17/2019 

  • Martin Zardecki AvatarMartin Zardecki

    Clean and not too busy but not very fast either. Overall not a bad experience but on a Saturday there were only two sorting stations open. Hoping they ramp up as they get busier.

    EDIT: A year later, ...
    read more - 10/25/2018 

    Rhys Boyle AvatarRhys Boyle

    They do an amazing job of counting sorting and fast service, although every so often one lane will be open while 3-4 employees are just doing other tasks, which I completely understand but working in ... read more - 2/18/2019 

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