Never go to the bottle depot again!

We pick up, count, and e-Transfer you the deposit values.

SkipTheDepot is a FREE commercial and residential recycling service operating in Alberta, Canada. SkipTheDepot offers services for charities, not-for-profits, bottle drives, fundraising and bottle depots.


Bottle Depot Calgary | CTV News | Bottle Pickup Service
Bottle Depot Calgary | CTV News | Bottle Pickup Service


Looking to donate your recyclables to a good cause? Below are some of our partnered charities and not-for-profits. Find them in our donations list when scheduling a pickup. Registered charities will provide tax receipts for your donations.

Are you a charity, not-for-profit, youth or adult sports organization looking to join our community partner program? Head over to our registration page and read our FAQ and How-It-Works .


Download the SkipTheDepot App, schedule a pickup and continue on with life. A driver will be dispatched, containers picked up, a full breakdown of what was collected will be provided along with your deposit money. You can even donate to your local charity!


Download SkipTheDepot from the App Store or Google Play. Quickly sign up and schedule a pickup for your household. Monitor leader boards and community competitions, and take your recycling efforts to the next level!


Our trucks will come to your door, and pick up your bags of bottles and cans for you! When everyone drives to the depot, it reduces the environmental effectiveness of the recycling process. Our trucks aim to help reduce the environmental impact by keeping customer vehicles off the road!


We value transparency and trust in our process. SkipTheDepot provides a summary of the containers counted. See a breakdown by container type of what your household consumes.


Watch your container deposits in your account grow! Request an Interac e-Transfer to your bank account or donate to your local charity! Emissions calculations show your reduction in carbon footprint!


Start recycling today! Skip the line, save gas and time by letting us come to you.

The SkipTheDepot app.


Download the app or use to create an account.

Schedule your pick up by entering your address, date and any donation preferences. Use the directions / comments section to give specific instructions for the driver to find your secure location (Example: Call this number when arriving, Bags are alongside fence, etc).

On the scheduled day of your pickup, place your bags outside in your secure location by 8am. The driver will pick up your bags between 8am and 5pm, label them, and take them to our counting facility. Once counted your account will be updated with your new balance and counts. Request an e-Transfer to redeem your balance.

You will be notified every step of the way! Request, picked up, counted and deposited!
You don't have to be home. Just have your bags placed in your secure location by 8am and directions filled out for the driver in the comments section.

We also don't need anything sorted. However, we do prefer containers to be placed in big garbage bags (boxes discouraged).
There is no charge for the pickup. However, we offer slightly lower deposit rates than a depot. You can check out our container rates here. There's also a $1.50 fee from the bank applied for e-Transfers. We are still just starting out! Eventually as volume increases we will lower/remove fees and offer full deposit refunds!
Never! We hope to make running bottle drives and collecting donations easier than ever.

We have over 50 local charities and not-for-profits signed up. All SkipTheDepot users are encouraged to donate. Just select from our organizations list in the donations section when scheduling a pickup.

If you would like to register your charity or not-for-profit as a SkipTheDepot partner do so here
Yes, we do. You'll even find that our rates are better than most commercial recycling programs.

When scheduling your pickup be sure to set the frequency for your pickups. You can schedule weekly, bi-weekly and monthly pickups (daily pickups available upon request).

Use the directions and comments section for any special lock codes or areas the drivers needs access to.
Yes, we do. We just need access to your containers without having to climb 10 floors.

If you have access to a secure location (on the ground floor), leave instructions on how to find your bags in the comments section.

If you don't, feel free to stick around for the pickup (between 8am and 5pm), leave your phone number in the comments section with some instructions to call ahead. The driver will give you a heads up and you can run your containers down for them.

The more desirable solution is having the condo board setting up the service. Using the recycling deposits to lower condo fees providing an easier pickup by collecting from everyone in one location.
About 48 hours from time of pickup.


SkipTheDepot is looking for potential partners to help deliver convenient recycling services. If interested, contact us below!

SkipTheDepot partners with bottle drives and charities.
Bottle Drives & Charities

Are you a charity or running a bottle drive? Register today! SkipTheDepot allows customers who want to help out the community to donate the value of their used containers to you!

SkipTheDepot partners with restaurants and condos.
Restaurants & Condos

Looking for condo, building or restaurant recycling? Register now and schedule weekly, bi-weekly or monthly pickups!

SkipTheDepot partners with bottle depots and collectors.
Bottle Depots & Collectors

Do you own or operate a bottle depot or collection company. We are looking for honest, timely and capable partners to join the SkipTheDepot Network!