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blog3 ways recycling apps are helping our future

3 Ways Recycling Apps can Help Change Our Future!

How technology is making recycling easier than ever!

From the fires that swept across Australia to the blizzard that put Texas into a state of panic overnight. The clock is running out for humanity to take action against the driving forces that only accelerate the process.

One of the areas that humanity can make a change today is how it handles recycling.

As smartphones become more readily available and user friendly for all, technology has the capacity to re-shape how we move forward as a society with sustainability and progress at the forefront of discussion.

For heck sake!! It's 2021, Elon Musk sent a CAR into space and I can play Fortnite on my phone with anyone in the world!!!



Let's look at three areas where Apps can help!

Plastic in Our Oceans


Ever heard of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch?

Pretty disgusting right?

Roughly 10 per cent of the 100 MILLION tons of plastic produced every year worldwide ends up in the ocean primarily from the wind blowing land bound products into bodies of water (80% from land - 20% from ships at sea).

Some of the hazards that plastics in the ocean cause that we are familiar with include ingestion and disrupting ecosystems.

But I bet you are NOT familiar with the toxic emissions released by these plastic products.

As plastic break down in the low temperatures of the ocean they release an array of additional chemicals that can affect marine life even if physical plastic is not ingested.

What can you do?

Believe it or not you CAN make a difference today.

Just by using your blue bin or RECYCLING YOUR BOTTLES, you are ensuring that these items are repurposed and disposed of properly!

What if there was an App or website that could make this process easier?



lets continue.

Large Dumpster Fires (We Aren't Kidding)


Still a large portion of Canada and the United States relies on waste incineration as a means to generate power. Although this method generates power, according to an article published in 2019, the emissions released from this procedure are terrible for the environment.

Also, 3/4 of incinerator plants in North America are older than 25 years.

Would you trust something that has been running that long?

For goodness sake, humanity has evolved so much over the last 25 years that there must be better ways to provide power as well as dispose of waste.

The largest increase that has seen an increase since 1960 has been plastics from 0.4% to 13.1% (as of 2019) of total solid waste found in the United States.

As the demand increases for alternative means of disposing wastes such as plastics, accessibility will go hand-in-hand with this.

If it isn't easy to adapt, people will just not bother.

That is where technology and Mobile Apps come into play.

Non-Profits are Struggling

2020 and 2021 have been difficult years for non-profit and charity organizations to stay afloat due to the pandemic our world has faced.

With many traditional methods of fundraising not being possible due to gathering restrictions. Collecting refundable containers has taken over as the primary fundraising source for many organizations.

Money for containers?

Many locations have implemented some sort of beverage container deposits scheme. These schemes place a bounty on containers upon purchase which is returned when recycled properly.

Think western movie (yea that's right partner 🤠)


Bring in the bad guy (bottles/cans) and get paid for it.

This in-turn has created additional fundraising streams for charities who collect and recycle these containers.

The only problem? It's a lot of work and tracking down these containers and is a resource strain for many.

Coordinating and "rounding up" containers usually requires:

  • Volunteers
  • A collection vehicle
  • Usually a full day (door-to-door asking)
  • Coffee and donuts for those who help

That is a lot right?

What if there was an App that centralized all this and made fundraising easier for these organizations?

Why SkipTheDepot checks all the boxes


Okay I know this has been a little bit of a sad read however one of the cool things about humans is we love looking for solutions to problems like this.

Enter SkipTheDepot.

Founded in Calgary, SkipTheDepot is a recycling service that will make properly disposing of your plastics easier than ever and make you feel good about yourself while you're doing it!

Sounds pretty sweet right?

I'll let the Website and App do the talking but quickly for FREE SkipTheDepot checks all the boxes that we talked about.

  • Fundraising? Not a problem, we got your covered and have over 1000 organization partners who could vouch for us.
  • Sustainable? Less cars on the road to the depot = less emission produced.
  • Convenient? Throwing bottles and cans out with the trash takes more energy than booking a bottle specific pickup through SkipTheDepot.

It is that easy

All we ask, if anything, is try it out.

Who knows, you might be surprised how easy it is to make a positive impact.

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