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blogalberta coffee shops skipthedepot celebrates international coffee day

Alberta Coffee Shops | International Coffee Day

Counting down SkipTheDepot’s favourite Alberta Coffee Shops!

(Photo Credit:Rosso Coffee Roasters IG)


You struggle to turn off the revolting sound of the 6:00 a.m. alarm that echoes throughout the room.

Today, we celebrate what helps us get out of bed and what keeps us going throughout the day. This blog you are reading right now (yes you), is currently being written by an individual who has now consumed a healthy amount (two-ish cups) of bean water and with that we wish you a…..

Happy International Coffee Day from the SkipTheDepot team!

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Interested in signing up? SkipTheDepot offers its services to everything from residential to commercial pickups for your business!

Let’s take a look at some of our favourite spots to grab a coffee across Alberta!

Red Engine Coffee Roasters - Lethbridge

Lethbridge Coffee, Coffee, International Coffee Day, Red Engine Coffee, Lethbridge, Local

(Photo Credit: Sonder Coffee Bar IG)

Served south of Calgary, you can find the up-and-coming Red Engine Coffee Roasters based out of Lethbridge! These home-grown grounders launched their business in 2010 and have built a dedicated local following around their café, Sonder Coffee, that offers an array of both coffee and food options.

Our SkipTheDepot selection from Red Engine Coffee Roasters is the Uteuzi Jimbo blend from Kenya that is great for giving you an extra jolt in the morning. This sweet blend incorporates sugar, lemon, and chocolate, creating a well balanced brew that will raise eyebrows with how good it is.

Interested? Make sure you head over to the Red Engine Coffee Roasters website or check out the Sonder Café next time you venture into YQL.

Rosso Coffee Roasters – Calgary

Calgary Coffee, International Coffee Day, Rosso Coffee Roasters, Local, Calgary, YYC

(Photo Credit: Rosso Coffee Roasters IG)

Since 2007, Rosso Coffee Roasters has become one of the premier home-grown coffee cafés Calgarians can find around the city. Now with seven locations in Calgary, owners Jesse, David and Cole have developed a brand that encapsulates the value that each coffee is an individualistic experience unique to their customers.

SkipTheDepot’s choice from Rosso Coffee Roasters is the Gahahe Honey Red Bourbon blend sourced from the Kayanza region of Burundi. This brew is crafted from the complementary tones of raspberry and dark chocolate.

Check out Rosso now on social media, stop by, or order their beans now online!

Rogue Wave Coffee Roasters - Edmonton

Edmonton Coffee, International Coffee Day, YEG, International Coffee Day, Edmonton, Local, Java, Coffee

(Photo Credit: Rouge Wave Coffee Roasters IG)

Headed up the QEII and need a buzz once you make it? Look no further than making a pit stop at Rogue Wave Coffee Roasters! What we love about Rogue Wave is they make picking the perfect roast easier than ever, kind of like SkipTheDepot with recycling!

Rooted in science and innovation, owners David’s and Ply strive to make it easier than ever for its customers to make brewing a satisfying cup of coffee from the comfort of your home, office or from their café.

Our SkipTheDepot pick from Rogue Wave Coffee Roasters is the Colombia - Acevedo Lot 2 crafted in the Huila region. This mix combines elements of caramel, apple, strawberry, and cocoa to create a well balanced tasty cup (or two).

Check out what more Rogue Wave has to offer now on social media or pop into one of their locations!

Did we miss any?

Do we have you craving a fresh up yet? Well luckily the day isn’t over yet!

Want to help support local businesses and boost your coffee fund? Book a pickup with SkipTheDepot and let us take care of recycling your bottles and we will make sure your fund will get a boost in no time!

Work for a Coffee Shop & want to make your recycling easier than ever?

Learn more about our commercial services and signup to help maximize your returns on recycling!

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