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Not your city?

Our Recycling Services

Booking a pickup or collecting donations, we can help


Recycling Pickup Services

SkipTheDepot is available for homes, businesses, multi-family, schools, and communities; helping everyone recycle. Schedule recurring pickups every week, month, or whatever works for your schedule.


Residential Recycling

Return your empties from the comfort of your home

  • Free pickups
  • Give back to the community
  • Save time

Commercial Recycling

No-hassle bottle & can recycling for your business

  • Free pickups
  • Custom pickup frequency
  • Count of everything collected

Condo Pickup Service

Turn bottles & cans into cash for your operating budget

  • Free pickups
  • Give back to the community
  • Save time


Collect continuous donations without going door-to-door

  • Raise money all year
  • Increase awareness
  • Never run out of volunteers


In and out of the bottle depot without wasting time

  • Skip the line
  • Cashless returns
  • Hassle free depot visits

Bottle Drive

Run a bottle drive without ever touching a bottle

  • No trailer required
  • No need to go door-to-door
  • Breakdown of what's counted

Is SkipTheDepot in your area?

SkipTheDepot is always expanding into new communities and cities.

What's a bottle drive?

Fundraising and donating to local charities is easy with SkipTheDepot by donating straight through the app.

Ready to try SkipTheDepot?

Upgrade your recycling game and get your time back

SkipTheDepot Truck
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