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blogsupport alberta wildfire relief through skipthedepot

Support Alberta Wildfire Relief Through SkipTheDepot

Donating your bottle recycling through SkipTheDepot will help the Canadian Red Cross and AARCS provide wildfire relief in Alberta

Your recycling efforts can now directly impact the lives of those affected by the devastating Alberta wildfires. SkipTheDepot has partnered with the Canadian Red Cross and the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS), is offering you the opportunity to contribute to wildfire relief efforts. By donating bottles, cans, electronics, and clothing through SkipTheDepot, you can support the Canadian Red Cross in providing essential aid to individuals and communities impacted by the wildfires in Alberta. Additionally, your donation could help AARCS in rescuing and caring for animals affected by the wildfires. Use the promo code 2023WILDFIRE when making your donation to ensure that every dollar goes directly to the charity.

  1. Your Recycling Makes an Impact:

When using SkipTheDepot's recycling services, you're already making a positive difference for the environment. Now, you have the chance to extend that impact to those affected by the Alberta wildfires. By donating through SkipTheDepot regardless of your location in Alberta, your contribution supports the Canadian Red Cross and AARCS in their wildfire relief efforts, providing much-needed assistance to individuals and communities who need it most.

Albertan firefighter fighting a forest fire

  1. Supporting the Canadian Red Cross:

By donating your recycling through SkipTheDepot, you can directly contribute to the Canadian Red Cross's efforts in providing emergency shelter, essential supplies, and recovery support to individuals and communities impacted by the wildfires in Alberta. Your contribution helps them make a real difference in the lives of those affected, offering comfort and hope during this challenging time for Albertans. You can follow this link and help fellow Albertans in need.

Canadian Red Cross logo flag

  1. Assisting Animals with AARCS:

Selecting AARCS as your preferred charity partner through SkipTheDepot allows you to support their crucial work in rescuing, sheltering, and providing medical care to animals affected by the Alberta wildfires. Your donation helps ensure that these vulnerable animals receive the care they need, as AARCS works tirelessly to reunite them with their owners or find them loving homes in Alberta. AARCS has partnered with the Canadian Animal Task Force (CATF) to create the Alberta Animal Disaster Response team to respond to this crisis effectively. Donate to AARCS wildfire relief efforts here.

Cats in swadling towel

  1. Make a Difference with SkipTheDepot:

The power of collective action through recycling is in your hands. By donating through SkipTheDepot, you help a community dedicated to making a positive impact during the Alberta wildfire crisis. Every contribution counts, and together we can provide support, comfort, and hope to those in need in Alberta. From Calgary to Edmonton, to Fort McMurray, we can battle the challenge of wildfires together as Albertans.

Painted hands with heart image


By donating through SkipTheDepot and skipping the bottle depot, you can directly contribute to the Canadian Red Cross and AARCS, assisting individuals, communities, and animals affected by the devastating Alberta wildfires. Join us in this journey of compassion and generosity, and together, let's show the true power of community in times of crisis. Donate through SkipTheDepot with the promo code 2023WILDFIRE and make a meaningful impact today in Alberta.

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